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Dak met zonnepanelen

Our goal of zero emissions is almost reached

Sustainability is not only important in terms of water, but also in terms of energy. Our buildings are disconnected from the power grid, which means that we have to rely on ourselves for the electricity supply for our production. We do this through a combination of PV panels, lithium-iron-phosphate batteries and a smart building management system that can switch on and off certain processes depending on the amount of electricity available. We have a good insight into the energy situation at any time and, depending on this, the lift is switched on, electric cars are charged, pumps are started or extra heating is provided.

When there is little energy supply, for example on dark winter days with snow, we use energy sparingly and pumps will be switched off, lighting will be dimmed, boilers will no longer be preheated and charging forklifts will have to wait a while until there is sufficient energy again.

Our cooling and heating is done with a geothermal heat pump, where the heat is extracted from the ground in the winter and the coolness in the summer as well. The smart control of this whole and its planning means that everyone within the company consciously deals with energy and can quickly anticipate situations with a lot or little availability of energy. The product development labs, the offices and the training room are certified as passive houses, with triple glazing, ecological insulation and a solid wood structure. The warehouses and production are also very low energy.

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