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Cooling water treatment

Water is widely used as a coolant in industry.
In any refrigeration application, the condenser, heat exchanger and cooling tower packing must continue to function optimally to maintain their maximum efficiency. This can only be achieved by optimal water treatment so that corrosion is suppressed on the one hand and deposits of mineral and organic origin do not have a chance to cause damage on the other. A poorly treated cooling tower is also a possible source for the Legionella bacteria.


AQUATREAT offers high-tech, environmentally friendly products for optimal treatment of open recirculating cooling systems, closed cooling systems and flow-through systems so that the above-mentioned problems are avoided.

Probiotic program

Because cooling towers provide the ultimate conditions for the growth of the legionella bacteria, a legionella outbreak can occur. When this bacteria enters the cooling water, it can be carried in aerosols in the vicinity of the cooling tower. For example, several people have already lost their lives due to a legionella infection where the source was more than 10 km away. Fortunately, we can avoid this, by encouraging other bacteria with a probiotic product, Legionella cannot grow and the risk is avoided.

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Aquatreat's ZERO treatment consists of a specific cooling water treatment without biocides and without forced blowdown, so discharge conditions no longer have to be taken into account. The dosed treatment product works against corrosion, deposits and microbiology, without the presence of biocides or harmful products. This unique formulation creates a synergy between the different components and ensures a total treatment for both closed, open and flow-through systems.

Key components in the products for ZERO treatment are biodispersants and surfactants, which keep the wall surface of the system free of deposits and biofilm. Due to the absence of biofilm, the legionella bacteria also have less chance to grow and develop. The resulting water composition and the specific corrosion inhibitors ensure a particularly low corrosion rate, in the absence of aggressive components such as acid and chlorine.


All Aquatreat products contain a Tracer. A Tracer is an extra addition to the standard product that makes it easy to measure the concentration of the product in the water. This is important to ensure protection against corrosion, biofilm and scale deposits. Thanks to the Tracer, the product in the cooling towers can be measured not only faster but also more easily. The measurement time can be shortened by more than an hour due to the addition, is much more precise and easier. By being able to measure faster and possible automatic follow-up, problems can be detected early and more serious problems avoided.

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Closed system

Corrosion inhibitors are often added to closed systems to reduce or prevent the rate of corrosion. Corrosion is an electrochemical process that occurs when a material reacts with its environment, such as oxygen, water or acids. This can lead to significant damage to metals and other materials, resulting in loss of properties and possible failure of the material.

Corrosion inhibitors work in several ways to prevent or reduce corrosion. One of the ways is that they chemically react with the material surface and form a protective layer, preventing the environment from coming into contact with the material. This protective layer can, for example, consist of an oxide film or a passivating layer.

Another way corrosion inhibitors work is by interfering with or inhibiting the electrochemical reactions that cause corrosion. This can be achieved, for example, by changing the pH value or reducing the oxygen concentration in the environment.

The use of corrosion inhibitors in closed systems can significantly improve the life and performance of materials.
For more information or assistance in choosing the right corrosion inhibitor for your system, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Legionella is a bacteria that settles on the lungs and can be compared to pneumonia. However, Legionella is even more dangerous and therefore more deadly than pneumonia. In the event of an outbreak of Legionella in the water, the bacteria can spread via aerosols, which are a by-product of the operation of (open) cooling towers. The spread can spread over 10 kilometers and can therefore pose a major risk to public health. That is why the government requires a legionella plan for every cooling tower. By treating cooling water with our products, the development of legionella can be avoided. This way your cooling tower remains safe from unwanted bacteria.

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Our products for Open Systems

Cooling water

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Aquatreat 002

AQUATREAT 002 is our most widely used and high performance product for cooling water treatment. This is a unique composition for avoiding scale, corrosion and biofilm with just one product.
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Aquatreat 009

AQUATREAT 009 is a phosphorus-free lime[1] dispersant, corrosion-inhibiting and biofilm-preventing product for use in cooling water.
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Aquatreat 072

AQUATREAT 072 is a lime[1] dispersant, corrosion-inhibiting and biofilm-preventing product for use in cooling water with a low phosphorus content.

Our products for Closed systems

Cooling water

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Aquatreat 130

AQUATREAT 130 is a highly concentrated liquid corrosion inhibitor for the protection of all metals in closed recirculating water systems based on nitrite.
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Aquatreat 136

AQUATREAT 136 is a molybdate based and highly concentrated liquid corrosion inhibitor for the protection of all metals in closed recirculating water systems.
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Aquatreat 128

AQUATREAT 128 is a liquid corrosion inhibitor based on phosphate silicate and is suitable for use in drinking water. It is also NSF certified for this.
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