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Aquatreat's Zero treatment consists of a specific cooling water treatment without biocides and without forced blowdown, so discharge conditions no longer have to be taken into account. The dosed treatment product works against corrosion, deposits and microbiology, without the presence of biocides or harmful products. This unique formulation creates a synergy between the different components and ensures a total treatment for both closed, open and flow-through systems.

Key components in the products for ZERO treatment are biodispersants and surfactants, which keep the wall surface of the system free of deposits and biofilm. Due to the absence of biofilm, the legionella bacteria also have less chance to grow and develop. The resulting water composition and the specific corrosion inhibitors ensure a particularly low corrosion rate, in the absence of aggressive components such as acid and chlorine.

The Zero treatment is:


Systematic dosing which ensures high performance and reliability. The dosage can be controlled via a water pulse counter, but can also be easily checked and dosed on an online measurement


It is not necessary to dose acid for a pH reduction, this makes it easier to use and store and there are no risks for the environment, the system or the operators.


Biofilm formation and legionella are kept under control without dosing harmful and toxic biocides. By omitting or minimizing forced blowdown, the limit in water savings is reached.

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