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We challenge the status quo, setting the benchmark for the water treatment of the future.

Aquatreat has been challenging and improving the commonly available water treatment methods since its inception.

These innovations are the reason for our existence.

In the 1970s and 1980s, we were the first to offer an alternative to the highly harmful chromate-based cooling water treatments.

At the time, we were also the first on the market to offer acid-free cooling water with free pH as a standard option. In this way, the dangers of using sulfuric acid, for example, were avoided, as well as the higher corrosion pressure.

We started our first test cases for biocide-free cooling water treatments in the 1980s, which means that we can now present several decades of practical experience in various sectors. Today, the probiotic cooling water treatment program is used worldwide with great success in both small and larger cooling towers.

The success product for boiler water treatments are all-in-one high-performance and concentrated products, which we offer in phosphorus-free, nitrogen-free and amine-free variants. They have proven their usefulness and efficiency in hundreds of steam boilers worldwide, where we often replace several products with one product that works more efficiently, safely and economically.

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Our Innovations

Zero program

Aquatreat's ZERO program is a cooling water treatment for recirculating cooling towers WITHOUT forced blowdown. This treatment method represents a revolution in traditional cooling water treatment. The ZERO program ensures a very large water saving, both for your feed water and your waste water. You save up to 60% feed water and you can reduce your waste water up to 100%.


Probiotic program

Aquatreat offers complete cooling water treatments without the use of biocides, we call this the 'probiotic cooling water treatment program'. Thanks to a multiple barrier technique, we create conditions in which your cooling tower is in optimal condition, and the risk of the growth of both biofilm and legionella pneumophila is kept under control. This treatment without the use of biocides has proven itself for several decades in various sectors.


Phosphate and Nitrogen Free

In classical water treatment, products containing phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N) are often used. These products are used to prevent limescale and protect against corrosion. However, the extraction of phosphorus and thus the production of phosphorus-containing products is coming under increasing pressure. Excessive amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus can lead to problems such as decreased biodiversity, habitat loss, and water pollution. Aquatreat has a wide range of N- and P-free products for proper treatment of boiler water, cooling water and reverse osmosis.


Boiler water

A range of the most highly concentrated all-in-one products on the market, providing a total solution to minimize your concerns about the treatment of your feed water, boiler water and condensate or steam lines.

In development

Biodegradable, food grade products

Aquatreat is currently in the process of marketing a range of products that are not only phosphorus and nitrogen free, but also completely organic, suitable for food and also easily biodegradable. The laboratory phase has now been completed, and the products are currently being extensively tested in practice before they are widely available on the market. These are the lime stabilizers and corrosion inhibitors of the future.

They are a response to increasingly stringent requirements regarding ingredients, quality requirements and discharge standards. We bring products to the market that provide an answer to all possible challenges in a changing world in all circumstances and without risks.

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