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Legionella pneumophila is a pathogenic bacteria that can cause legionellosis, also known as 'veteran disease' or legionella flu. Various serotypes are known, of which serotype 1 is mainly responsible for the cases. The discovery of this disease happened in 1976, when an outbreak of the previously unknown disease was noted at a veterans convention in Philadelphia in 1976. Infection in humans occurs through inhalation of aerosols or miniscule water particles that carry the bacteria and float through the air.

These particles can spread for miles. When inhaled, the bacteria can settle in the lungs of the human body and cause the disease there. The disease is a potentially life-threatening condition, especially in frail or elderly people. Sources of contamination can be all water systems that produce these aerosols, such as jacuzzis, sanitary installations and cooling towers. The condition here is that the water is sufficiently warm, because this bacteria prefers to grow at body temperatures. The bacteria will not grow at temperatures above 60°C or below 20°C.


In most countries there are national laws and regulations with recommendations or obligations for cooling towers to limit the risk of an outbreak of this disease. It is mandatory in almost all European countries to register cooling towers, to take samples periodically and to have a legionella management plan. The bacteria Legionella Pneumophila prefers to grow in biofilm. When the circuit is designed incorrectly, there are dead pipes, with certain environmental factors, with poor monitoring of the cooling water or due to the use of the wrong treatment products, the bacteria can multiply and then suddenly be released, hidden in the biofilm. in the cooling water. Biocides are often used to control this risk, without removing the cause of the bacterial growth.


Deposits and corrosion in the cooling tower can also be potential sources of food for the further growth of bacteria. Preventing Legionella therefore requires a very well thought-out total approach, which we are happy to guide you through every step of the way. In most cases we can even do this without the use of biocides. We have more than 40 years of experience in all major industrial sectors. For more information, see: 'probiotic cooling water treatment program'. This approach puts you on the road to the water treatment of the future, with a strong focus on the safety of users, your water systems and the environment.

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